The big decision here is between shots 3 and 4.  Both shots use the rule of thirds effectively.  The person is roughly 1/3 over in each shot and would be at an intersection point of two lines as well.  Each of the shots also use the leading lines of the scene well.  The line of the horizon leads directly to the person.  The line of the cliff in shot 3 also leads to the person.


     Overall, shot 3 better demonstrates that the person is standing on a high cliff because more of the cliff is visible.  The shot is more dramatic than shot 4 which makes the cliff appear to be a small cluster of rocks rather than a daunting force.


     On the right is a link to a beautiful video created by Philip Bloom for George Lucas.  It is a series of shots around Skywalker Ranch put to classical music.  In filmmaking, each and every shot counts and this video demonstrates that completely.  Each shot is so well composed and tells a story all on their own.  Watch the video and see if you can identify the various rules of cinematography that have been employed in it.