The establishing shot is followed by the core shots in a scene.  When there is dialogue between two characters, the basic shots to get are the two shot that contains both of the characters and over the shoulder shots from each side.  These standard shots help the viewer orient themselves in the scene and shows them exactly where things are happening.


     The over the shoulder shots must stay consistent and follow what is called the “180 degree rule”.  This rule is used in basic filmmaking to make sure the viewer does not get confused by the scene and can easily identify where people are within that scene.  When you shoot a basic dialogue scene with two people in it, you start off with a two shot.



     Every scene has standard shots that every director has available to them.  When you shoot a scene, start with the basic shots and then venture in to the more creative

stuff later.  By following the simple rules of a scene, any video you create will look good right away.


     Start your scene off with an establishing shot.  This is the shot that is usually an extreme long shot (XLS) and shows the viewer where the scene is taking place.  To make an establishing shot more interesting, you could do a slow zoom in on the scene or even a slow pan or tilt.

Establishing shot of some houses